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Macon Winch T13

950 EUR(brutto:1 206 EUR)
MACON WINCH T13 electric winches are used on tow trucks, automobile transporters, specialized vehicles and evacuation automobiles.
Professional tow truck winches. All of their parts are made with a huge margin of safety that allows you to operate the winch in harsh conditions.
Extremely powerful engine with worm gear, high torque, still higher linear velocity and large length of the rope allow to use the winch in extremely complex situations.

Maximum tractive effort is 5909 kg.
Limited 3 Year Warranty.
Volt 12V / 24V

Engine power

7,2 HP
Rated Line Pull: 5443 kg
Gearing worm drive
Gear Ratio: 470:1


Contactor 500A
Rope length 29 m


600mm x 280mm x 270mm
Rope winding speed and power consumption (the first layer of drum)
Rope load kg 0  900 1810 5909
Rope speed m/min  4,2 2,1 1,5 0,6
Power consumption 12V amper 70  130 200 450
Power consumption 24V amper        
Pulling force depending on rope layer
Rope layer   1 2 3 4
Rope pull kg  5909 4530 3890  3390
Rope lenght on the drum m  6 12 21 29


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